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Dear Sycamore Class Members and Parents,                                                                            

I do hope that you all had a chocolate filled Easter! I can’t believe we are galloping towards the home stretch for our Year 6 children and myself!  Last half term seemed to fly by and I am sure this half term will too.  Already the calendar is looking jam packed with lots of interesting and exciting learning opportunities to look forward to.

SATs Week (Wk beg. 13.5.19):  I don’t think I can move further on with my newsletter without mentioning this week first.  SATs are literally around the corner for my Year 6’s and with just a few weeks until they start, this time will be spent really polishing and developing our already extensive learning.  I would like to add how much Mrs Riding and I have enjoyed study club this year with those Year 6’s who chose to join us.  These sessions are a really special time with just a few of us, where we have an hour or so of really dedicated learning.  By the time you read this we will even have enjoyed a special tea and cake session today.  Year 5’s will continue with their full learning programme, so they too are ready for their assessments which will take place later in the term.

During this half term, we will be commencing our study on ‘The Final Frontier’.  This topic of learning will see the children discovering about the great space race and Britain’s contribution.  Our Science topic is ‘Space and Earth’.  In RE we will be comparing a range of religions regarding their beliefs of life and death.  In PSHE our discussions will be based on ‘relationships’ and maintaining successful ones.

Our learning will take a more creative approach, when we will look forward to rehearsing and presenting our end of term play; yet to be decided.  Once again, I really hope that the performance can be incorporated into a larger event for families, friends and the wider community of Mendham that Sycamore will have the opportunity to plan, resource and execute.


We also have the Year 5/6 Residential visit to London, Mrs Riding and myself are super excited. We have a range of exciting opportunities on the agenda including a date in the Houses of Parliament.

ill continue to expect every child to have a water bottle in every day, especially as the days grow warmer.


I think I have covered everything, but please do not hesitate to come and see me if you need any further information about anything. You are also welcome to email me at anytime if you have any issues you need to inform me about or any messages for me. My email address is k.last@wvpschools.org.                                                  Yours sincerely

Please find homework schedule, that I try to keep to!



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Year 5 Science Session at Stradbroke High School

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