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Welcome back to the Summer term, I find it hard to believe we have reached this point in the school year already!

This term we will continue the work that we started before Easter on Growth and Change. In this topic will look at spring, lifecycles, growth of animals (including humans) and plants and the changes that take place as growth occurs. To help the children understand about the growth of humans it would be helpful if every child could bring in a photo of themselves as a baby. Please write the name of the child on the back of the photo and place it in an anonymous sealed envelope, you will get the photos back.

Our class visit to Maisebrook farm will add lots of real life hands on experience strengthening the knowledge we will learn in class.

An increasing amount of time will be spent outside through each day, including specific afternoons where the children will be introduced to Forest School.

Morning routine: In preparation for September when they will enter year 1 we will now begin to introduce new routines to the reception children. The first of these is for them to be independent in organising themselves when they arrive at school. Therefore reception parents please say goodbye to your child/ren at the classroom door. They will then be able to bring themselves in and organise their diaries, bags and coats. Some of you are already encouraging your child to take this responsibility, thank you.

Transitions: Through this term, the time reception children spend on focused activities will begin to grow in preparation for year 1. Later in the term there will also be the opportunity for them to spend some time in their new classroom.

Nursery children will also begin to notice some changes as they are encouraged more and more to join groups of short focused activities in preparation for reception.

National offer day: Monday 16th April is the national offer day for places in the reception year group in September. You will receive a letter from the admissions team in the next few days, if you applied on-line you will also receive an email. If there are any problems or you wish to withdraw from the place you have been offered please contact the admission team on 01473 260992, also let us know so that we are aware of what is happening. If your application was made after the closing date the admissions team will now consider your options and will be in contact soon.

Summer clothing: As the weather warms up and children head to school in summer uniform can I remind everyone that we will still go outside rain or shine. This means that every child will need a rain coat and a sun hat in school on a daily basis. They will also need to have sun cream applied each morning before school. We find it very time consuming to ensure that each child has sun cream reapplied throughout the day and worry that someone will be missed or cream not applied effectively. Therefore we request that an all-day water resistant cream is applied to ensure adequate protection.

Tapestry: Tapestry is a useful tool for keeping parents updated in their child’s learning while at school. There is also a lot of learning that happens at home that we are not privileged to see at school. For this reason it is important that parents are logging into tapestry and uploading photos and notes of events that are witnessed t home. Adding something using the app is just like adding an update onto social media, I am happy to run through it with anyone who asks. Government legislation requires this two-way interaction between parents and school so a full picture of a child’s development can be seen by all.

Tapestry is capable of far more than we are using it for currently. We will be moving forward into using the other features in the near future. For this reason we need to be sure that each child has at least one parent with an active account which is being checked on a regular basis. So if you have not yet activated your child’s account of haven’t accessed it since January (I know who you are!), then I urge you to do so.

Another great reason for logging in is the new ‘All about me’ page on each child’s account. This page asks a number of questions about your child allowing staff to have the most up to date information which can be used to plan unique learning experiences for children in areas that appeal to them directly. It would be very helpful if each child’s page can be completed. Please remember that all information, photos and observations on Tapestry are only viewable by you, anyone else you may have given authorisation to and staff at school.

Pleases feel free to pop in to see me or email me on n.jones@wvpschools.org if you have any questions or concerns.

As always many thanks for your on-going help and support

Nikki Jones

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