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Happy New Year and a massive thank you for all the gifts that were showered upon the Seedlings staff before the break, we feel thoroughly spoilt!

During this half term we will be learning through the topic ‘Pole to Pole’. This topic will take us on a journey from the Arctic to the Antarctic stopping to think about anything on our planet that interest’s the children on the way, as well as looking at pollution and ways to look after our planet. If the weather changes and we get snow we will also incorporate this into our learning.

Reception will now begin to find that they are sitting to work at tables a little more than before and Nursery will start to experience the expectation that they are sometimes required to complete activities with an adult.

Reception children will also begin phase 3 phonics which introduces the concept of digraphs where 2 letters join to make 1 sound, such as ch, sh, th.

Time to talk: Time to talk is a short slot in which each child has the opportunity to share something with the class. This can be an experience they have had, a memory, something they have made or some news. Children may bring in an item to show to support their speaking, this could be an object, photo or a written prompt for a member of staff to refer to. Please only allow children to bring in things that they are able to discuss and answer questions about, the only rule, in line with class policy, is that children do not bring in toys. Each child will be allocated a day for their slot, this will be written in their blue diary.

 Compulsory schooling: Those children who had their fifth birthday before Christmas are now of compulsory school age and should be in school for 5 full days. We will look after them I promise!

Medicines: If your child is in need of medication while at school please take the medication to the front office. In the entrance hall you will find a folder with medication administration forms, complete one of these with specific timings and dosages so staff know when and how to give the medicine. Leave both the form and medicine with Mrs Rogers in the office.

PE: Kits should contain footwear suitable for outside PE in a variety of weather conditions and a pair of jogging bottoms; it is also useful if kits contain a spare pair of socks. PE will be on Thursday morning.

Finally: Please sign your child’s blue diary weekly to acknowledge any messages sent home and record any reading at home so that staff can judge if books need changing.

Thank you: With new starters and the growth of the class it is becoming increasingly difficult to speak to everyone in the morning. If you need to speak to a member of staff we are always happy to oblige but appreciate your patience if we need you to wait while we settle children, as I’m sure you will agree they are our priority. I check emails every morning before school this is also an easy way to pass on messages.

 Feel free to pop in to see me or email me on n.jones@wvpschools.org if you have any questions or concerns.

Nikki Jones

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