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Happy New Year and a massive thank you for all the gifts that were showered upon the Seedlings staff before the break we feel thoroughly spoilt!

Topic: During this half term we will be basing our learning on the topic of ‘Space’ we will also spend some time thinking about Lent, Chinese New Year and taking part in the RSPB Big Schools Bird Watch. Our learning will continue to be carried out through our play in both planned play activities and our own choice learning. Reception will now begin to find that they are sitting to work at tables a little more than before and Nursery will start to experience the expectation that they are sometimes required to complete activities with an adult.

Reception children will also begin phase 3 phonics which introduces the concept of digraphs where 2 letters join to make 1 sound, such as ch, sh, th.

Sid the travelling (toy) spider will be joining us in Seedlings this term. Sid likes visiting the homes of those who attend Seedlings and brings with him a journal. If your child is chosen to have Sid pay a visit for the weekend then we would like it if you could record some details of his visit in the journal, see the notes in the journal for some suggestions.

All about me books: All the children love recording their ideas, thoughts and memories, linked to photos sent in from home, in their ‘all about me books’. It is now time for an update of photos to give them new things to write about. Please send in, or email to me, a selection of photos of family members, days out, favourite toys, Christmas presents etc anything that will spark a discussion point in your child.

New to Seedlings: Welcome to our new starters in nursery this term – Michael, Bepe and Junior and a belated welcome to Frankie who joined the reception year group at the end of last term. We also welcome Mrs Davies back into the room for some sessions as she returns from maternity leave we also continue to see the familiar faces of Miss Woollatt and Mrs Chamberlain.

Nursery sessions: Some of our sessions are now full. If you require a change to a session as a one off or on a regular basis please give me as much notice as possible so that I can check bookings and do my best to accommodate you.

Basic skills: We are noticing a rise in the number of children who will happily sit back and wait for the adults to do things for them; zip up coats, put on their shoes, hang up their bags etc. These skills are very basic and all children, even in nursery, should at least be attempting to try and do these things for themselves. While staff are happy to help with tricky buttons, zips etc children shouldn’t come to staff as a matter of course. I appreciate that time is limited and sometimes it’s easier to do things yourself but when at home please encourage your child to practice doing up their own coats, putting on and doing up their own shoes etc, it will mean that your child is more capable and independent in the long run.

Tapestry: It’s great to see so many of you interacting with Tapestry either through simply logging on and taking a look at what your child has been doing or through adding observations yourselves. If you don’t have a Tapestry login please see me and I will check that you have been sent an email with a setup link.

PE: Continues to be on a Tuesday afternoon. Your child’s kit should stay in school all week in case of timetabling changes. Kits should contain footwear suitable for outside PE in a variety of weather conditions; it is also useful if kits contain a pair of socks.

Pupil Premium and Early Years Pupil Premium: Pupil premium, for school aged children and early year’s pupil premium, for nursery children, is additional funding that we can apply for to help us support eligible pupils. To apply we need some details from parents, these details are treated with sensitivity and won’t be shared with anyone. We gather the information that we need using the attached form, if the form shows that you are eligible and we are successful with the application, funding will come directly to school. Please complete the attached form, even if you don’t think it applies to you, and return to school as soon as possible so that we can check for eligibility. If it appears that you are eligible then you will be asked to provide evidence before the claim can be processed.

Finally: A few reminders;

  • Library books and math’s games will be changed for those nursery that are in on a Tuesday and Reception and remaining nursery on a Friday. Books and games can be kept for 1 week and returned via your child’s tray in the classroom. Apologies but we will only change on these days otherwise life becomes very confusing and complicated!
  • Please sign your child’s blue diary weekly to acknowledge any messages sent home and record any reading at home so that staff can judge if books need changing.
  • Please remember that school starts at 9.00 am. It is disruptive for the whole class if children arrive late. A prompt arrival is particularly important on a Friday morning now reception are required to be in the school hall for assembly.


Thank you: With new starters and the growth of the class it is becoming increasingly difficult to speak to everyone in the morning. If you need to speak to a member of staff we are always happy to oblige but appreciate your patience if we need you to wait while we settle children, as I’m sure you will agree they are our priority. I check emails every morning before school this is also an easy way to pass on messages.

Feel free to pop in to see me or email me on n.jones@wvpschools.org if you have any questions or concerns.

Many thanks                        

Nikki Jones


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