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Seedlings Newsletter

Here we go; the final half term of the academic year! It’s going to be a busy one with lots to do and look forward to.

This half term our topic will be based around the theme of superheroes. Within this we will look at the children’s favourite superheroes, heroes in our own lives and those in the world around us; paramedics, firefighters etc.

Classroom changes: There are a number of changes to routines coming to Seedlings classroom over this half term to prepare children for transition to the next year group.

Beginning June 11th reception parents will be asked to say goodbye to their children on the playground, where they can join the older children on the school field. A Seedlings adult will be outside to ensure their safety and take any messages from parents. Bags and coats can be left on the tables near to the decking and children will be able to collect them on their way into the classroom when the bell goes.

Parents of nursery children will now be asked to say goodbye to their child at the door. With reception children being outside this is an ideal opportunity for them to begin to take responsibility for their own bags and organise themselves.

Please ensure that other adults bringing your child to school are also aware of the new routines.

Moving on: There will be a number of transition events in this half term to help children develop a sense of what life will be like in their next year group. Reception children will have  the opportunity to get to know Mr Lameroux a little better and spend some time in their new classroom. While nursery children will have opportunities to meet their new peers as they come to spend some time in school. Nursery parents have been given the opportunity to meet with me and discuss the changes that their children will see in September. Reception parents  will also have the opportunity to discuss the move to year one with myself, Mr Lameroux and Miss Collins. More information soon.

Summer sunshine: Please remember to send your child to school with a hat and apply sun cream before leaving home in the morning.

Water bottles: With the warmer weather we would like to ensure that children are drinking enough and have a plentiful supply of water inside and outside the classroom. Could you please supply your child with a named water bottle to use in school. These will come home at weekends to be cleaned and will need returning to school every Monday.

Nursery funding: Suffolk County Council are changing the way that we claim the 15 and 30 hour funding for your child. It is now essential that you complete and return the attached form, without it we can not claim the funding and you will be charged for the sessions.

Sports Day: As usual we will join the rest of the school and the children from St Edmunds, Hoxne for the day. Reception children will take part in events through the day. Nursery children will take part in events during the afternoon only, Therefore there will be no nursery session during the morning. Nursery children are welcome to watch with parents during the morning. More details to follow.

End of Year Reports: Will be coming home later this half term for every child in Seedlings. I hope you enjoy reading them. Reception children will also bring home a copy of their learning journeys.

Have you lost: I have a copy of ’Stickman’ the classroom possibly left behind after world book day. Could it be yours?

Finally; Please ensure all school uniform is labelled we have collected a number of unnamed items over the last half term. We also have a number of parents asking if their child’s named jumper has been found. Please check at home for uniform that may not be yours and return it school so it can be re-united.

We aim to do the best we can for every child so if you have any questions, queries or concerns please feel free to pop in to see me or email me on n.jones@wvpschools.org.

Many thanks

Nikki Jones

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