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In the words of one of my favourite films of the summer ‘Mamma Mia, here we go again!’  I will try not to bore you with loads of information and just keep it simple, but I tend to get carried away so bear with me!

We will begin this academic year using the topic of ‘Dinosaurs’ as a catalyst to support our learning as we settle in and get to know each other. We will spend time settling into the new routines of the school year and learning to be independent in what we do. I also plan for us to make a time capsule of what we look like and what we can do now ready to look at the end of the year so we can see how much we have progressed.

Welcome: To Evie and Eben in reception and Emma, Archie and Etienne in nursery. Also welcome to Mrs Walker who will be helping Mrs Chamberlain and I in the classroom.

New routines: This year we have a number of children in the classroom with varying degrees of milk and egg, intolerance through to severe allergy, causing breathing problems. To help them all to remain safe and well in the classroom we are asking; everyone to wash their hands when they enter the classroom each morning.

Parents please also be mindful of any interaction your child has with milk or egg before school. (NOTE: Milk and egg are major ingredients in a variety of foods, so if your child has eaten even a slice of bread before school there is a risk). If these foods are spilt on clothes or not washed off faces it could have a serious implication for another child. A clean face and clothes could be the difference between a happy healthy child and a very poorly one. Lunchtime routines will be changing in the next few weeks. We will update you with these soon.

We are also asking that the following routines are followed to reduce the traffic in the classroom and keep it a calm, working, environment for the children.

  • Reception children to say goodbye to parents at the classroom door
  • Nursery pegs are now situated near the classroom door. Parents can support their child if required to organise themselves in this area only.

As always staff will be on hand to help, take messages and answer questions.

What your child needs:

  • Waterproof/warm for wet and cooler weather. We will go outside whatever the weather forecast says, sun, drizzle, downpour and snow. Please ensure that your child has appropriate clothing in school every day.
  • Wellies, they will need them every day.
  •  A spare set of clothes, including pants and socks. Whether because of a toileting accident or fun in the water tray or mud kitchen, it is important that we can change your child if needed.
  • Water bottle – named please, or we will write a name on it!
  • PE kit, shorts, jogging bottoms, t-shirt, sweatshirt, spare socks and trainers. PE will be held on a Friday morning. PE Kits will be sent home every half term.

Toys in school: Unfortunately while we understand that children often need an item from home to help them settle and feel secure we need to limit what comes into school. For this reason please only allow your child to bring comforters to school if it is entirely necessary. Toys should not be brought to school at all, we find that children of this age encounter enough challenge learning to share the toys provided in the classroom!

Blue diary: The blue diary is a useful tool for getting messages to staff in school. A member of staff will check the diaries daily.

If we have any messages for you they will also come home in the blue diary. You should check this daily as it may contain details of homework (Reception only) or important information about an incident or accident that has happened during the day. Messages regarding accidents should be initialed by a parent on receipt and diaries should be signed and dated routinely at the end of each week, in the space provided.

Library books and Math games: These will be issued and collected in weekly each Friday. Please leave returns in your child’s bag and we will deal with them at the appropriate time of day. Children who do not attend on a Friday will have the opportunity to make their choices during their last session of the week.

FOMSA: The Friends of Mendham School Association is a small and very friendly group of parents working together to raise funds to purchase additional extras for the children at school. As children leave and move on, so do parents, meaning that FOMSA shrinks in size. The current team consists of staff and parents. We URGENTLY need new faces. If you can spare a little time to support FOMSA by joining the committee, attending an occasional meeting or by just letting us know your fundraising ideas then let me know. The school provides free extended schools care for your child while you are attending FOMSA meetings.

The AGM will be held at school on Friday 14th September 7pm. Attendance does not mean that you are committed to anything.

Feel free to pop in to see me or email me on n.jones@wvpschools.org if you have any questions or concerns.

Many thanks

Nikki Jones

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