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I am finding it really difficult to believe that we are already heading towards Christmas! In the classroom this term we will be following the children’s interests and learning through the topic of ‘building and construction’ before considering the meaning of Christmas more deeply. Reception children will continue to develop their phonic knowledge and strategies for reading and in math’s each week we will be continuing our deep learning surrounding a number; what it looks like, how it can be constructed and deconstructed and where that number might be seen in the environment for instance in time and currency.

Tapestry: Thank you to everyone who is logging on and adding to their child’s learning journey. Your observations are a crucial part of our assessments as children will often do things at home that they do not do at school. Over the break I have reviewed the tapestry guidelines. Please find attached an updated version, pay particular attention to the parents agreement regarding the use of images on social media. Please sign and return the agreement as soon as possible.

PE: Is on a Thursday afternoon this half term with Mr Hopkinson and Mr Clarke. Along side PE the children will be taking part in some den building.

Lunchtime routines: Will be changing slightly over this half term to protect the children we have in school with allergies. The biggest change for the children will be cleaning their hands and faces after eating. As a parent you can help by ensuring that your child has a change of clothes on their peg. This way if food is spilt down the front we can easily change them.

30hr funding codes: Have to be renewed a term in advance so now is the time to login to your account and renew for January. Without an active code we can not claim on your behalf meaning you may be invoiced for any sessions taken.

Toys in school: Please remember that we do not encourage children to bring their own toys into school from home. A comforter that can be left safely in their school bag for an emergency is fine.

Celebration assembly: Reception children will now be joining the rest of the school for the regular celebration assembly on Friday mornings at 9.00am. Parents will receive a text message, notifying them if their child will be receiving an award. Please join us in the school hall to celebrate your child’s achievements. Feel free to attend each week or just when your child receives an award. The first week the children will be doing a short presentation; nursery children will join us for the presentation but will then head back to the classroom.

Finally: A few reminders;

  • Please sign your child’s blue diary weekly to acknowledge any messages sent home.
  • Please remember that school starts at 9.00 am. It is disruptive for the whole class if

children arrive late. A prompt arrival is particularly important on a Friday morning now reception are required to be in the school hall for assembly.

Feel free to pop in to see me or email me on n.jones@wvpschools.org if you have any questions or concerns.

Many thanks                    Nikki Jones

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