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Dear Parents/Carers,

The Autumn term started early, ended late and an awful lot was squeezed into the learning and various events that the children organised and managed so beautifully; I think we were all ready for a break by 21 December. The Spring term is likely to be equally, if not more busy for our Year 5 and 6 children as we take the run up to Easter and then the inevitable STATS for our Year 6’s.  

TEACHERS: The teaching in Rowan Class will remain the same for the second half of this term, the children will be taught by myself,   Mr Vink (Literacy, Maths, Humanities and Science), Mrs Tilley (PE), Mrs Koralambe (Music),  as well as specialised subject tutors including Mrs Nightingale ( Art), Mrs Gladwin ( Languages), Mrs Stephenson (Swimming)  and Mrs Thompson ( Focussed support).  We are also running a morning booster session on Tuesdays from 08:00 for the Year 6 children.

PE is on Monday afternoons; children will need their clearly named PE and we recommend they keep them in school throughout the week and take them home at the weekends if necessary.  Mrs Ryan will be teaching brass to Year 5 on Wednesday afternoons and to those year 6s who have chosen to continue.

TOPIC: This half-term our topic is Life on an Island.  This will be picked up across the curriculum, looking at our own country, the Galapagos and Easter Island, linking in with Shakespeare and The Tempest. We will be looking at what makes island life different to ours and studying some of the features that make these unique environments. In science we will be looking at evolution, adaptation and inheritance and how Charles Darwin (amongst others) came up with his theory of natural selection. We will be following the National Curriculum for Maths with particular focus on fractions for the first half term.

HOMEWORK:  Reading continues to be an essential part of children’s learning both at home and school although, as many of the children are now independent readers, we do not expect parents to listen to their children read as regularly. Please, however, encourage your child to read at home regularly and take the chance to discuss their books and sign their planner when they have read. Weekly spellings and times tables will also be focused upon as well as directed tasks relating to our topic.

EQUIPMENT: As always, all the equipment your children need is available to them at school, however, if they would like to have a small pencil case to store their items that would be fine.

DATES: There are many exciting dates for your diary which we will send as needed.

Any questions or concerns please feel free to come and talk to myself or Mrs Nightingale.

Kind regards

Mr Vink

Yr 6 Medusa Heads

Rowan's mathematical investigation to determine the circumference of James' Giant Peach

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