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Dear Parents/Carers,

After a busy start to the school year, here we are, second half of the autumn term with Christmas fast approaching.

TEACHERS: The teaching staff remain the same throughout this half term.

PE is on Monday afternoons; children will need their clearly named PE kit and we recommend they keep it in school throughout the week, taking it home to be washed at the weekends if necessary.  Mrs Ryan will be teaching Brass to Year 5 on Wednesday afternoons and to those year 6s who have chosen to continue.

TOPIC: We are continuing to follow the ‘Clipper Challenge’ discovering how we maps the world and find our position on an atlas or map. This dovetails in nicely with mathematical grid referencing. It also allows us to explore the different countries visited by SANYA and what makes them special.  In science we are doing a forensic examination of a ‘crime’ and looking at how we use our knowledge of light and it’s properties to solve the case. We will be following the National Curriculum and ‘White Rose’ for Maths and in English using the book ‘Tuesday’ by David Wiesner as our inspiration.  We are slowly building upon basic knowledge to prepare Year 6 for their end of Key Stage 2 SATs.

HOMEWORK:  Reading continues to be an essential part of children’s learning both at home and school although, as many of the children are now independent readers, we do not expect parents to listen to their children read as regularly, however, please encourage your child to read at home and take the chance to discuss their books and sign their planner when they have read. Weekly spellings and times tables will be set and tested at the end of each week, please try and support your child - little and often.

EQUIPMENT: As always, all the equipment your children need is available to them at school, however if they would like to have a small pencil case to store their items that would be fine.

DATES: There are many exciting dates for your diary which we will send as needed.

Any questions or concerns please feel free to come and talk to myself or Mrs Nightingale.

Kind regards

Mr Vink

Yr 6 Medusa Heads

Rowan's mathematical investigation to determine the circumference of James' Giant Peach

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