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Dear Parents and Children

Another half term break has flown by and we are back already. I hope you all had a fun time – and even got to play in the little bit of snow that we had! It is going to be a busy term yet again as we give that final push towards the summer assessments, but we are very lucky to now have Mrs Jacobs on board who will be working alongside me and sharing the teaching of Rowan class. I am sure you will all make her feel welcome.

So what will we be learning?

History - Our history topic this half term is ‘Ancient Sumer’. This is a new unit for us which came in with the New Curriculum so there will be lots of learning together as we explore this ancient civilisation, find out where Sumer was located and learn how their inventions had an impact on the wider world. Miss Pearce will be leading on this topic.

RE – with Easter just around the corner we will be exploring the Easter story. What happened in the lead up to the Crucifixion? Why did it happen? How do Christians celebrate it now – other than eating chocolate eggs? Join us at the Easter Service on Wednesday 29th March at Hoxne Church – details to follow.

Science/DT – Our topic this half term will be ‘Automata Animals’ which involves lots of practical work looking at mechanical mechanisms. The children will learn about controlling movement with a cam mechanism as part of an automata animal – the tools will be out, the wood will be cut and there will be lots of fun making their toys.

Music  - Mrs Koralambe and Mrs Ryan will continue to be with us on Wednesday afternoon – and guitar lessons will still be on Tuesday with Mr. Murphy.  Again it is important that instruments are taken out of their case between each session if they are going to really benefit from the lessons offered.

PE: Mrs Tilley will continue to take Rowan class for PE on a Tuesday, along with Mr Hopkinson. Please make sure the children have a complete PE kit on the day that it is needed. Rowan class were a bit disappointing regarding PE kit last half term and there were frequent queues outside the lost property, and much of the lesson was wasted. Having the correct kit is an important part of being an independent learner; we wouldn’t ask them to do their best piece of writing with a thick felt pen, likewise they cannot do their best in PE if they are not dressed appropriately.  We will be keeping a record of regular offenders and there will be sanctions. So please remind them.                                                                                             

 Home Learning: Thank you for your support with this so far. I will continue to maintain the regular pattern of home learning tasks each week so the children get into a routine, although sometimes this will need to change – please check and sign the diaries regularly. It is important that home learning tasks are completed on time as we often go through the work during the lesson; it is also a good habit to get into as the children work towards being ‘High-School Ready’.

Y6 Study Group: I continue with the Y6 Study Group every Wednesday after school which will focus on Maths and will support them in preparation for SATs. I will also be working with small groups of Y6 pupils during some afternoons to go over the key skills in reading, SPAG and maths.

Date for your diary: KS2 SATs will take place the week beginning 8th May!

I think I have covered everything but please do not hesitate to come and see me if you need any further information about anything. You are also welcome to email me at any time if you have any issues you need to inform me about or any messages for me. My email address is hoshoxne@wvpschools.org and I generally check this at least twice a day.

Yours sincerely

Miss Gail Jerman



Inspired by Rowan's visit to the Norwich Astronomical Centre

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