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Hello and welcome back.

I hope you have had a lovely, peaceful Easter holiday and the children are well rested ready for a busy half term. By the end of this half term, the year 2s will have completed their SATs testing. This will happen towards the end of the half term.

In Maths, we are revisiting lots of areas from addition and subtraction right through to telling the time and statistics. I hope now is the time that all children gain confidence in each of these areas. In Literacy we will be focusing on punctuation, grammar and reading. We will learn all about apostrophes, suffixes, prefixes and how to change words from the present tense to the past tense and vice versa. We will revisit question marks, exclamation marks and full stops. We will remind ourselves what punctuation is needed for a statement, a question, a command and an exclamation. In reading we will be looking at inference as well as comprehension. We will also be learning how to write seaside poetry.

In the afternoons we will also be very busy. In Art we will focus on the Spanish Catalan artist, Joan Miro. I am hoping her work will inspire them with colour, fun, dreams and nonsense as they create their own pieces of art. Our topic this half term is ‘Beside the Seaside’. We will learn about the geographical features of the seaside, both human and physical. We will look at seaside environments, finding out where they are located in the United Kingdom and seaside resorts nearest their own locality using maps. In Science the children will have the opportunity to closely study plants and trees in the natural environment, taking measurements and making observational drawings. We will also start our gardening on a Thursday afternoon, where we will plant seeds and bulbs and watch them grow and change. In RE we will be learning about different religions and the types of ceremonies they have. We will look at the Islamic ceremony of Aqiqah, the Jewish ceremonies Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and a Hindu wedding to name just a few. Mrs Gladwin will still be teaching French on a Friday afternoon.

Our PE sessions will continue on Mondays and Mrs Tilley is hoping to get them outside in the lovely Summer weather, so please bring in sunhats.

It is now the Summer term, so please make sure as the weather gets hotter, your child has appropriate clothing and sun protection in school, as well as their diary, water bottle and reading book every day.

Thank you

Mrs Claire Tilley

This week's language.....


We have been learning to sign our names in British Sign Language, because this week is International Deaf Week.

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