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Beech Class Newsletter

The summer term is now in full swing. I can’t believe how quickly this year seems to be passing by. We have lots to fit in this term and not that long to do it. Your children will be receiving new targets shortly to help them with their journey up the learning ladder and they will be partaking in optional SATS at the end of this term. This is nothing to worry about as Beech class are quite used to doing a range of quizzes to help them with their learning. We have made some slight changes in our classroom which include a new seating arrangement and a great new reading area which are working nicely.

In Literacy this term we are going to be writing discussion texts and balanced arguments. They really enjoyed having to argue both sides on whether or not the Easter holidays should be made longer. We will continue to use the IPEELL format in Literacy which has been working well and everyone is setting their writing out clearly. For guided reading we are reading ‘The firework maker’s daughter’ by Philip Pullman, to link with our topic of Extreme Earth.

In Numeracy we will be focusing on measurement, from area and perimeter to time. We will also recap on what we have learnt this year in Mental Maths so that we are ready for the optional SATS.

We will be linking our D.T. to our topic through planting, growing and eating things grown in the earth. In addition to this our Science will be looking at different animals and habitats that are on the Earth. Our R.E. this term focuses on people of faith looking at different religions and how their faith has changed their lives.

Maths games and library books will be changed on Monday afternoons as Mrs Thompson will be with us. French and Music, taught by Mrs Gladwin and Mrs Koralambe will continue on Wednesdays and P.E. on Thursdays, taught by Mrs Tilley.

If anyone has any concerns or queries please come and see me and I will endeavour to assist you. I am available every morning in the playground and my email address is h.pearce@wvpschools.org

Miss Pearce

Parents joined Beech Class for their SHARE session, creating animal enclosures following their recent visit to Colchester Zoo