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Alice the Musical 

A wonderful evening performance held at St Edmund's Primary School, followed by Roast Pork Rolls, Pimms and Cakes fit for royalty......





Sports Day

Waveney, Deben, Orwell and Dove Houses enjoy Sports Day 2014.

Rounders competition, athletics, triathlon event, bbq lunch, families cheering on their teams, tea and cake provided by FOMSA and HSA, medals galore and the cup goes to ..............Deben. 

A Midsummers Night Dream in Mendham - a blissful warm evening, a wonderful entertaining performance followed by Pork Rolls and Pimms....



The Sea

The sea is a herd of elephants,

Charging around all day.

Huge and grey,

Crunches and munches as it eat the salty sand,

As they crash into the hard rock’s then land,

They are as noisy as a brass band.

for more of Freddie's poem click here


Wells 2014 

Sunshine, laughter, campfires, cocoa, sandcastles, outdoor games and friendships strengthened.







Poems written by Rowan Class, inspired by a day at Southwold


I must go down to the sea again;

To taste the salt,

To feel the scattered smooth stones.

To run through the stelfy mist

Of the red dawn breaking.

I love the watery mirror of the sea.

And the crunchy sand between your toes.

for more of Hattie's poem click here

Pupils from Waveney Valley attend a sailing session as part of the Commonwealth Games for Schools event. 

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