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The Partnership between our two schools enables us to share staff, resources and responsibilities.

The Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) comprises of:

Susie Collins Academy Head, Waveney Valley Partnership
Nicola Jones Senior Leader, Mendham & DSL
James Vink

Senior Leader St Edmund's 


Class Teachers:

  Mrs Claire Tilley B.A. (Hons) Class Teacher & ADSL
  Mr Sam Norfolk Class Teacher
  Mrs Nicola Jones Class Teacher
  Mrs Lakeisha Mansfield PGCE Class Teacher
  Mrs Helen Varela B.A (Hons) Class Teacher & ADSL
  Mrs Molly Ball Class Teacher
  Mr Andrew Lamoureux Class Teacher 
  Mr James Vink Senior Leader, Class Teacher & DSL
  Mrs Aimee Tilley CMAT Sports Teacher
Mrs Kathy Brooke B.A. (Hons) CMAT Special Eductional Needs & Disability Coordinator      

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Tanya Gladwin Teaching Assistant
Mrs Julie Cobbold Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sally Nightingale Teaching Assistant
Miss Sarah Hardy Teaching Assistant
Mrs Kim Riding Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lucy Davies Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sarah Stephenson Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jane Thompson Learning Support Assistant
Miss Katie Wollatt Teaching Assistant
Mrs Nicola Walker Teaching Assistant Apprentice
Mrs Joanne Croker Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jessica Chamberlain Teaching Assistant

Non-Teaching Support Staff:

Miss Sheri Frearson Admin Assistant
Mrs Julie Rogers Office Manager & ADSL
Mrs Caroline Pearson MSA/ESC Assistant
Mrs Emma Cane ESC Assistant
Ms Kathlyn Evans Caretaker/Clearer
Mrs Maria Smith Caretaker/Cleaner
Ms Shirley Fisher Cook
Mrs Gemma Collins Cook


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