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The Governing Body

Since the introduction of the new Ofsted Framework in September 2012, the role of Governing Bodies in the leadership of Schools has come under greater scrutiny.  In our Federation, we have always believed that at the heart of every successful school is an effective governing body.  However, in order to lead strategically, a governing body must have the knowledge and systems in place to ensure that they are meeting the requirements of effective governance and that they have access to, and knowledge of how to use a range of information and data.

Governors have three core functions:

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  2. Holding the school leaders to account for the educational performance of the school and it’s pupils
  3. Oversight of the financial performance of the school and making sure money is well spent.

Our Full Governing Body membership is:


Type of Governor

Term of Office

Dr Martin Aylett

Co-opted governor


Heather Lee

Co-opted Governor


Hannah Mayhew 

Co-opted Governor


Dr Margaret Sillis

Co-opted Governor


Susie Collins

Hos - Mendham  

Fairlie Winship

Co-opted Governor 


Stepahnie Clements

Parent Governor St edmund's Stepped down Sept 2017

Stephen Thompson

Co-opted Governor  

Avril Mattocks  (Chair)

Parent Governor Mendham  

Catherine Young

Co-opted Governor Stepped down Sept 2017

7 co-opted vacancies

Skills required in the Governing body:

Finance, curriculum (maths), broad business experience


All Governors are appointed on a 4 year term of office.

Susie Remblance is clerk to the committees and Rachel Denny is the local authority appointed Clerk to the Full Governing Body.

The Staff Governors are elected by staff members.

The Parent Governor is appointed via nomination and election by secret ballot if more than one nomination is received.Only parents at the school where the vacancy exists can vote.

Co-opted Governors are appointed on a skills base by the FGB.

Associate Governors can be appointed by the FGB for their skill base.  It is not usual that they hold voting rights unless explicitly delegated to them by the FGB.

(correct as at 16.11.17)


Our Federation has created a structure of committees in order to ensure effective leadership.  By operating in committees it allows:

  • Effective discussion in smaller groups which supports greater challenge.
  • Governors become familiar with specific areas and therefore the requirements to understand all aspects of the school are significantly reduced
  • Specific roles are allocated and schedules are created so that all responsibilities are timetabled
  • Terms of reference for each committee are agreed at the Full Governing Body and therefore governors and committees know what is expected of them and when, as well as how to carry out their duties.

The Waveney Valley Partnership has the following committees

  • Standards and Excellence
  • Finance and Resources

These committees mirror the Ofsted Framework for Inspection.   All committees have terms of reference to ensure that they are fulfilling the role of being critical friends of the school.  To view the full terms of reference for committees please click here. or request a copy at the school office.

(correct as at 11.07.17)

All Governors are welcome to attend any of the Committee meetings should there be items of interest on the agenda.  Most committees meet termly and Full Governing Body meetings are held half termly.

Governors are also allocated subject area responsibilities or other areas of responsibilities to enable the effective and efficient monitoring of the school and all activities. 

Pecuniary Interests:-

The following Governors declare pecuniary business interests and declare details of other educational establishments they govern.

Dr Margaret Sillis, Trustee of The Consortium Multi-Academy Trust

Dr Martin Aylett, Trustee of the Consortium Multi-Academy Trust

The following Governors have links to the school through relationship of spouses, partners and/or relatives:


If you would like to know more about the Governing Body please contact one of the Governors via the school office.

It is expected that Governors will attend FGB and Committee meetings throughout the year, however it is acknowledged that on occassions this is not possible and apologies will be accepted.  It is the decision of the Governing Body that absence will not be consented to and will be recorded as such in minites and The Consortium Multi-Academy Trust informed accordingly.


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